Where to sell a database of phone numbers in Ukraine

Rockefeller offers cooperation to monetize your information product. There are more and more queries "I want to sell a base of phones" and the like appearing on the web, but among all the variety of companies it is quite difficult to find a suitable option. Cooperation with us gives customers the following benefits:

  • possibility to receive passive income without investments;
  • high system reliability;
  • decent pay for contacts you provide;
  • anonymity;
  • you don't need to provide additional information for each number;
  • selling a database of phone numbers is a completely safe procedure;
  • For each person from the contacts you provided who made a purchase from our partners, you will receive income.

We are approached by various companies and private entrepreneurs who want to improve their business and increase sales, and we provide them with a quality product with which they can realize their goals. Contact providers receive additional profit from each successful transaction, and this can be repeated many times, which guarantees a stable passive income.

Our partners are banks, real estate agencies, IT companies, investment and insurance resources. Our activities are carried out according to the following principles:

  1. We select a product based on the client's requests for a niche and users' interests. We help to use all available types of marketing to achieve your business goals. We do our best to ensure that each lead brings maximum benefit and income.
  2. Our professionals are governed by privacy law, which prohibits the use of additional information about contacts, which may include a name, personal information or place of residence .
  3. Company employees do not have access to the numbers uploaded to the system, nor can they be downloaded or used for their own needs. We guarantee complete confidentiality and protection of your data.

Cooperating with us you get the following benefits:

  • a reliable system already trusted by thousands of customers;
  • stable passive income;
  • guaranteed payouts;
  • high cost of your contacts;
  • privacy;
  • ongoing site technical support;
  • advice from experienced managers;
  • earn without investment.

To learn more about our company Rockefeller, as well as the benefits of working with us, visit the site.

Sell the base for calling at a bargain price to Rockefeller

If you have a contact database that was previously used to sell products or services, don't rush to shelve it. You can always take advantage of a great opportunity to monetize your information by cooperating with us. Selling a base of numbers today is not difficult, because Rockefeller is always ready to buy them at a high cost.

Your established customer base is a promising asset that can be highly profitable when used properly. In order to understand this process in more detail, it is necessary to understand what segments it is divided into. These can be:

  • people who have already bought something from you once;
  • customers who submitted bids but never got around to selling;
  • other contacts who didn't leave requests, but they got to you in a different way.

From each of these segments, you can get customers, real or potential. Periodically, you need to make offers for them in order to interest them. Also, any audience can be divided by interests, purchased product, advertising method from which they came to you. This valuable information will help you use the resource more efficiently. So if you decide to sell your contact base, then you should take care to segment it into subgroups. More loyal customers will bring more income to you and our partners. 

You won't need to include names or other personal information, but the audience feature is a great help in building a relevant and credible audience. You can sell the database of numbers with information about its purchasing behavior at a bargain price to our service. 

With us you can secure passive income for yourself without investments for a long time, as well as gain confidence in the future. We offer a completely legal way to use information to achieve financial well-being for you, as well as to develop the business of our partners. To take your chance - leave a request on our website and consultants will contact you.

How much does it cost to sell a database of telephone numbers for dialing in Ukraine

Our company Rockefeller offers high rates for purchasing your contacts. If you do not know how to monetize your information product - our specialists are ready to do it for you.  So, if you want to try it now - rather enter in the Google search & nbsp; "I will sell a base of mobile numbers". The price from the Rockefeller service will be the most profitable for you in Ukraine. 

Our specialists can calculate the cost of selling your information, who will take into account all the nuances. From each transaction that will be concluded with the contact you proposed, you will receive half of the income. To calculate in more detail how much it costs to sell a subscriber base in Ukraine - leave a request on our website https://rockfeller.net/ and our consultants will contact you shortly to discuss deal details. 

If you own a base of users who have previously been interested in services or products - we can work with them to implement the services of our partner companies, and you will receive income from each successful transaction . 

You can learn more about cooperation with us, the conditions for buying and selling information products and passive income opportunities by calling the specified phone number or using the feedback form on the site. Our managers will answer all your questions and complete the transaction in a short time. 

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