Don't know how to convert your contact base into a stable income?

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Why is it profitable to work with us?

  • Payouts every week

    Payouts every week

    Every Tuesday you are paid half of our earnings on your base.

  • High price

    High price

    Average earnings for every 10,000 targeted contacts - $200

  • Any payment method

    Any payment method

    Bitcoin, QIWI, WMZ, PayPal, YooMoney, Capitalist, Visa / MasterCard.

  • Safe and anonymous

    Safe and anonymous

    Lack of any identification of the provider + data transfer in compliance with the data privacy law

  • High earnings

    High earnings

    By receiving a percentage of the profits, you earn an average of 3 times more than when you work with numbers on your own

  • Income Guarantee

    Income Guarantee

    The base is taken into work only if it is tested positively, so you are sure that you will receive income and can predict your profit

Who is this for?

Any specialist who owns a customer base and understands what product they were previously interested in. 

  1. Traffic Arbitrator
  2. Data Parser
  3. Business owner
  4. Contact Center Manager

Learn more about cooperation with us

And also some features of the internal policy are objectively considered by the relevant authorities.

  • What will my earnings depend on?

    You are paid half of our profit received from your database of numbers. In other words, the more efficiently we manage to sell on your database, the higher your earnings. For this, first of all, the relevance of the sample is important. The less time has passed since the user left the application and we contacted him, the better. 

  • What payment guarantees?

    We start our work by testing a small part of your sample. Based on the results of the test, you receive payment, and you can then transfer the sample gradually as you receive payment for each part of it.

  • What countries' bases can be used?

    All countries of the CIS and Europe

  • How to start?

    Make request and our manager will contact you and determines whether we can work with your data (in fact, determines whether we have products that we could sell to your customers). If possible, you upload a small part of the sample to our platform for testing, we make sales on it and half of the profit received is credited to your account daily. Payments are sent every Tuesday. 

  • Is it possible to monetize the database without calling it?

    Yes, if you wish, we can use only some of the possible methods of advertising on your database:
    - Direct sales through a contact center. 
    - SMS / Viber marketing.
    - Targeted advertising by Google Ads, Yandex Direct. 

  • What bases do you work with?

    Customer bases who were interested in products in the following areas are worked out more effectively:
    - finance (lending, MFIs, depositors, etc.);
    - gambling (casino, sports betting);
    - real estate;
    - insurance (Auto insurance, life insurance);
    - educational courses;
    - higher education;
    - IT services. 

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