Monetization of your numbers

Monetization of your numbers

If you have a user base that is interested in purchasing a product or service< /span>, we can work with it, selling the services of our partners, and you will get additional profit.

Case: Banks / MFIs
Clients contact you for a loan or loan. For example, out of a thousand applications, you were able to issue a loan to a hundred clients. The rest may not have received approval from the bank, the client did not get the percentage, could not get through, and so on. You can give these applications a second chance. We will try to sell these users the services of other companies, and we will send you half of the profits we have earned.

Case Study: Education Courses
Let's say you're an online English school. Do all your applications turn into students? The format of training did not suit someone, it is expensive for someone, and someone wants to study offline. We have partners who are cheaper (of course, rather with a loss of quality), who are offline or simply teach students differently. Your unrealized applications can become their students, and you will return part or even the entire budget spent on advertising.

The same mechanism works for other areas: insurance, gambling, IT -services, investments, real estate.

How it works:
1. We select a product for almost any type of user interest, do cross-selling, use all available types of marketing by mobile numbers. Our main goal is to bring you the maximum profit from each uploaded lead.

2. We work in compliance with the law on personal data - you transfer phone numbers without any additional information about clients (name and any other personal data remain with you).

3. After loading mobile numbers into the system, none of the company's employees has access to them, the ability to view or download them. When creating any advertisement, APIs are used to transfer data.

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