Sell the lead base in Ukraine at a bargain price

Rockefeller provides database monetization services through mobile marketing. We offer transparent conditions and confidentiality of cooperation. If you are interested in selling leads Ukraine and passive income, we invite you to get more detailed information from our managers. The tools we use help bring data owners a higher return than if they were trying to monetize it on their own. 

We can work with specialists from any field who have a client base and want to use the opportunity to profit from it. These can be business owners, managers, arbitrage traffic and people of other specialties. We do not require detailed personal information about each contact, and the transfer of data is completely confidential. In order for your information product to work effectively, you will need to indicate the interests of the audience, how they came to you, what purchases they made, as well as other features of purchasing behavior. With this data, we can more accurately target our partner companies and they are more likely to get positive results. You will receive half of our income from each successful transaction.

Buying leads allows our partner companies to grow their business and increase sales of goods and services. Leads allow you to call or send information to those people who have previously been interested in such services, which significantly increases the chances of a successful sale. This tool allows you to be right on target, and not just call "cold" clients who are more likely to refuse the offer. 

Our clients who sell their databases enjoy the following benefits of working with Rockefeller:

  • high cost of your info product;
  • Payouts from completed deals with your contacts are made every week in the form of half of our earnings;
  • we use any payment methods that are convenient for you;
  • this procedure is anonymous and completely safe. Our specialists comply with the law on personal data, so we do not require additional information about your contacts;
  • working with us you get three times more than when you try to work with the base yourself, which is very beneficial for you;
  • our company guarantees you a predictable income.

Where to sell your lead base 

If you have been looking for a reliable company for cooperation for a long time or want to try a new way of making money without risks, we offer you to use our services. To do this, you will need to leave a request on the site and our consultant will contact you as soon as possible to discuss in more detail whether we can work with your leads. 

After we determine if your contacts are suitable for the services we cooperate with, we can start working with you. We offer a high cost of leads, as well as transparent mutually beneficial conditions. After our experts verify the information, you can upload your audiences to the platform for temporary testing. We will use marketing tools to sell services and products to your contacts, and from the profits you receive, you will receive half of the money daily to your account, from which payments will be sent to the data you specified once a week. 

The more deals you make on your leads, the more income you will have. To earn more you need:

  • provide an up-to-date selection of contacts;
  • Give the resource an audience that has recently submitted requests;
  • carry out a thorough analysis of the information to select the most "hot" audience.

You get the first payouts during the testing process. In the future, you can expand your selection and supplement it with relevant contacts. If you do not want your audience to be used for calling, then you must specify this and we will use other advertising methods. It can be mail or SMS mailing, social networks, targeted advertising and other systems that allow you to advertise a product.

According to our statistics, the most effective customer bases stand out in areas such as real estate, financial transactions, education and courses, IT, rates and insurance. If you have a database of contacts in one of the listed areas, then we advise you not to waste time and leave your application on the website of our Rockefeller company as soon as possible. We offer simple and reliable terms of cooperation, as well as constant additional income without investments. Don't miss your chance to sell leads at a bargain price. We have a large number of partners who always successfully close deals, which is also beneficial for our information product suppliers.

How much does the lead base cost 

Today, database owners have a great opportunity to start working with the Rockefeller service and earn passive income. If you are interested in selling leads, the price of which will be high - feel free to contact our specialists to find out the conditions. 

Customers are the basis of any business, so this information product is very relevant and highly valued. Potential customers are very important, because with a carefully thought-out work with them, you can get a large number of successful transactions. That is why companies that want to develop and increase their sales often use the services of our service. This allows our partners providing data to receive a stable income without investment. 

To find out how much a lead costs, you need to contact our specialists to make calculations. Different audiences bring different levels of income to organizations, so it is necessary to conduct preliminary testing to find out how up-to-date the database is and whether our service can work with it.

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