Selling Rockefeller Loan Applications

Our company offers an integrated approach and the use of new marketing strategies to develop your business, as well as a stable passive income for our clients. Our specialists are engaged in monetization of your numbers, and also sell them to our partner companies that strive to beat the competition with the help of modern technologies. If you are interested in selling leads for loans - please contact our consultants to get more information about cooperation with us.

Our partners are banks and financial institutions that need to constantly replenish their databases with new contacts. Today, competition in this field of activity is very high, therefore, without the use of modern approaches, it is impossible to take a leading position among competitors.

We offer a unique and high quality information product that you can use to grow your business. If you are interested in a highly specialized customer base "mortgage lending leads", then we are ready to offer you the best options. Our base suppliers are reliable and proven, so you don't have to worry about the quality of the purchased product. We start cooperation only after a thorough check of the client and the base he offers, which is tested for several months by our specialists.

What is our user base? These are bank clients or people who wanted to take loans, but the conditions of the financial institution they applied to did not suit them. Such applications are eligible for a second chance and we actively use it. Our specialists offer these people the services of your company, which is very convenient, because we have well-established schemes for working with such clients, which bring successful completion of the transaction. In this case, the providers of the information product receive a percentage of the sale of your service, and you get new customers. We offer leads for consumer credit at a favorable price, as well as full negotiation with potential buyers of your services.

Our experienced professionals know how to find clients for your business. We use calls, SMS, emails, advertising and other marketing methods to attract people.

Purchasing loan applications for your business at Rockefeller

Buying leads on loans will be an excellent solution for promoting your business in a fairly fierce competition in the banking services market. By purchasing them from us, you get hot potential buyers who were interested in similar services in other installations and organizations. 

Today, getting targeted requests from clients is quite difficult, because the market is overflowing with offers. However, not all businesses are using new marketing strategies. Our specialized marketing company will select an information product for you according to your specified parameters and criteria. This may be the desired amount of credit, the level of income of a person, for how long he wanted to take a loan and other details that relate to financial transactions. It should be noted that we do not provide personal information, which may include: a person's full name, passport details, place of residence, family composition and other nuances, because this is prohibited by Ukrainian law.

You can always track the activities of our specialists regarding the promotion of your company's services through a special online service. We provide full reporting on the work done, so you can be sure of the reliability of our service.

I will buy leads on credit: the benefits of using the Rockefeller website

Our service offers favorable terms of cooperation for information product providers, as well as for our partner companies that will use it. By purchasing credit leads you are making a significant contribution to the development of your business and bringing it to the top among competitors. 

We have a flexible system for selecting the bases you need, which have been rigorously checked for compliance with the specified criteria. We have developed an optimal scheme for attracting new customers for your services, which is implemented by experienced specialists. Our cutting-edge professional marketers and project managers are constantly working to deliver better and more efficient programs for our partners. Cooperating with us, you pay only for those customers who have purchased the services of your company, which is very beneficial for you. We guarantee the high quality of our information product and a responsible approach to the development of your brand. To find out more about the possibilities of cooperation, please contact our consultants at the phone numbers indicated on the site.

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