Where to buy high quality leads for MFIs in Ukraine

Our company Rockefeller offers a wide range of mobile marketing services to promote and develop your business, which are already actively used in foreign countries. Our partner companies are banks and financial enterprises that provide loans and credits to the population. Today, the basis of any business is to get as many customers as possible and increase profits. Client – the backbone of any business, so fighting for it is strategic if you want to outperform your competitors and always stay ahead. That is why the decision to order MFI leads from our company will be right and effective in your case.  We offer modern tools for working with potential clients that have passed a multi-stage test before being introduced into active work, these include:

- targeted advertising of your services;

- calling contacts who previously showed interest in similar services in other financial companies;

- setting up mail and sms distribution for the contact base you have chosen;

- the work of our specialists using innovative technologies in the field of mobile marketing.

You don't have to deal with calling or promoting your company's services yourself, as our specialists are ready to do everything for you. Our main task is to bring you maximum benefit and as many successfully closed transactions as possible. We receive income only when you receive it, so you don't have to worry about the fact that the information product will be ineffective.

We also offer recurring passive income to our contact database providers. Feel free to contact us if you have a customer base at your disposal, because we will help you convert them into money. If you decide to sell leads for MFIs, then our Rockefeller service is ready to adequately pay you, as well as accrue income from each successful transaction on an ongoing basis. If you have a customer base that was previously interested in banking services or wanted to borrow money, then we can buy it from you. When it passes the test period for compliance with the declared parameters, we sell it to our partners and start working with it, while you will receive passive profit at this time. Monetizing your numbers is a secure and private way to earn extra income. Cooperating with Rockefeller, you can be sure of our honesty, because our specialists care about the company's reputation.

Buy Rockfeller Loan Leads

Leads are potential customers who have previously shown interest in services of this kind. If you provide money loans, leads are a great solution, as they save you a lot of time searching for new clients. By acquiring leads, you don't have to spend time communicating with "cold" leads. potential customers who are most likely to turn you down. The work will become much easier and more efficient if you use an innovative information product created for your individual request, which includes clients called leads in the world of information business.

Our contact database consists of people who have already left applications for bank lending services. Perhaps they did not fit the conditions under which the bank issued a loan or they were refused due to some circumstances. It could be anything, however, this does not mean that you need to forget about them. We give these contacts a second chance, work with them according to a well-established scheme and get results in a short time.

Statistics of the modern market of MFIs and banks shows that competition is quite tough, which significantly complicates the search for new clients. Advanced enterprises have begun to implement new mobile marketing tools in their work with clients. Lead generation is the most effective of them, since it consists in working with already interested people. It remains for us to bring them to a positive completion of the transaction. It is worth remembering that attracting customers from leads is not an easy task that any manager can master. It should be entrusted only to experienced professionals with knowledge of the features of this area who work for us.

We offer you the selection of an information product in accordance with the parameters and features you specified. You will be able to independently determine which areas of mobile promotion are suitable for you, and which you do not want to use. Our specialists will make every effort to bring you the greatest result in a short time, because we make a profit only from successful transactions.

In our activities, we are guided by the law on personal data, according to which the transfer of personal information to third parties is unacceptable. We use contact purchasing behavior information provided to us by our suppliers. You can be sure that none of the Rockefeller service employees will have access to the contacts you have purchased. We also guarantee complete confidentiality and security of the transaction.

How much do Rockefeller MFI leads cost

If you want to purchase leads for loans, the price from our service for the implementation of modern mobile technologies marketing will be beneficial to you. Many factors affect the cost of a particular database:

- what area of ​​business it is intended for;

- how many leads you want to acquire;

- how narrow the specifics of contacts are and others.

– contact our consultants at the phone number indicated on the site or using the feedback button. 

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