Data base for realtors: where to buy, advantages of use

Rockefeller Company has been successfully engaged in mobile marketing for many years with the goal of monetizing data and ensuring stable income to our clients. Today, finding a decent option for an apartment has become quite simple, you only need to buy real estate databases and get all the relevant information from them. We provide access to our databases to partner companies that deal with real estate. Every day, we receive data from various sources about owners who are selling or renting their properties all over the country. We collect up-to-date information and check its reliability, after which we offer it to real estate companies.

If you have a realtor database, you can use our service and receive a stable income while our specialists will work with it and sell partner services. Our specialists offer a profitable and stable income from the use of contacts provided by you. Our specialists carry out operational collection and analysis of information in order to form databases for realtors which include owners and real estate objects, as well as potential buyers.

We offer our realtor clients to take advantage of their opportunity to offer buyers more than they can find themselves and receive more income from sales.  Our service provides a significant saving of time in the search for the necessary position, as well as access to the offers of competitors. We ensure the exclusion of duplicate items and notify about new suitable objects. 

Our offer allows you to bypass competitors while they are looking for decent offers for clients on third-party resources. All data are in a systematized form, so you can easily use them. They are very relevant for beginners in the field of buying and selling real estate, because it is quite difficult to bypass experienced specialists. But together with us, you have a great opportunity to earn decent money almost from the first day of work.

Our experienced specialists are always ready to help in product selection, depending on the interest of users. Together with us, you get an opportunity that many of your competitors can only dream of. 

Client base for realtors from the Rockefeller company

If you have a client base for realtors and you don't know how to make money with it , then we offer to use the services of our service. In this way, you will be able to provide yourself with a stable passive income and allow the information to work for you. 

Our specialists are ready to provide real estate agents and real estate agencies with an info product that will help them realize sales plans to the maximum and outpace their competitors. 

Realtor's customer base gives real opportunities to promote your company to the top and eliminates unnecessary costs. You can offer your services to a "hot" audience that our company will provide you with. 

In their activities, our professionals are guided by the following principles:

  • Based on the requests of our clients regarding the interests of users, we select the optimal version of the info product. We use all available marketing options to get the maximum return from each lead;
  • when transferring phone numbers to our company, you should not provide additional information for each contact, as this is prohibited by the law on personal data, which we strictly adhere to ;
  • employees of our company do not have access to numbers that were received from clients and uploaded to the system. They have no way to view or download them.

Our service offers a wide range of opportunities for both beginner realtors and experienced professionals who want to grow in sales. The world of real estate is constantly evolving and requires an integrated approach to solve problems. Now the success of a realtor is largely determined by how effectively he can use information and find new offers. Using one source will not bring such a positive effect as using several different bases.

At the moment, many resources offer their databases, but among them there are unverified and irrelevant positions. In this case, you should trust companies with a high rating and professional employees who take care of thorough verification of the information provided. Our Rockefeller service contributes to the development of the real estate market and increases the efficiency of each realtor who purchases an information product. We provide a high-quality tool for the work of a specialist at a favorable price, and we also offer everyone the opportunity to earn money by selling an information tool.

How much does a database for a realtor from Rockefeller company cost

Our service offers its clients to purchase a high-quality information product at a favorable price, as well as monetize it and receive additional income. If you are interested in a real estate database, the price which will be low, we suggest you contact our specialists and they will help you find it.

Rockefeller is a leader in information services for real estate agencies and individuals. Our information will become an indispensable source and will bring success in business. Thousands of people have already used our service and were satisfied with the result.

If you have contacts that you do not use, but would like to profit from them, please write to our managers and they will tell you about cooperation and your opportunities in more detail. To purchase an information product for your agency or private use, you can also leave your details on the site and our consultants will contact you shortly.

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