Rockefeller's high-quality b2c phone sales base

Our company Rockfeller offers marketing development services for your company. We offer you to purchase a high-quality information product, a list of contacts, in order to make telephone sales  b2b and b2c to grow your business. This area includes the sale of goods or services directly to the end consumer, which can be an ordinary person or a retail outlet. 

Searching for and working with consumers is the backbone of any business, so you need to put as much effort into this stage of work as possible. However, an independent search for interested people is unlikely to bring such a result as the acquisition of a list of leads. Daily increasing competition and a huge number of offers in the market of goods and services require the use of non-standard and new ways to attract customers. We are ready to offer you a comprehensive solution to the problem of a lack of buyers, as well as provide serious assistance in promoting your business to a higher rating among similar companies. 

Increasing the number of interested parties and increasing successful deals is the main strategy of our Rockefeller service. Searching and collecting a list of contacts on your own is a laborious and lengthy process that does not bring the same results as working with a ready-made list of potential and interested buyers. We offer favorable terms of cooperation and affordable prices, as well as the rapid development of your business. If you have been looking for a suitable service for buying a base for a long time, we recommend using the Rockefeller website. Here you will receive the support of experienced managers, favorable conditions and an individual approach to solving your tasks. While you are in doubt, your competitors are already buying contacts and reaching the top, so don't waste your time!

Ringing bases for b2c sales from Rockfeller 

Our lead lists are relevant for both newbies and experienced professionals in any industry. The most demanded are real estate, gaming business, betting, insurance and banking services, education and others. If you need a high-quality information product and constant support of specialists, we offer you to cooperate with us. To do this, you need to take a few simple steps:

  • leave a request in a special form on our website;
  • wait for the manager's call or call the specified number to clarify the nuances of the work;
  • after that, our experts will select a suitable audience for you based on such requirements as: buying behavior, age range; gender and other features that are important for your activity.

Our professionals use all the methods of mobile marketing, but you always have the opportunity to make changes. For example, there are cases when the mailing list is not relevant, but you only need b2c sales by phone, or vice versa. The main goal of our company is to bring maximum value to your business by receiving applications from each lead you upload. 

Our activity is guided by the legislation of Ukraine, as well as the law on the preservation of personal data. We do not have the right to provide additional contact information such as names or place of residence, other than their interests and purchasing behavior. We offer our customers a “warm” an audience that has recently been interested in similar or similar services or products, so you can get more positive interactions from it. You do not have to call "cold" clients who in most cases are not ready to make contact. 

Today, the use of lead databases is gaining more and more popularity in Ukraine, due to the high level of competition among small and medium-sized businesses. The Rockefeller service is a reliable partner for large companies and individuals who need comprehensive promotion using modern marketing methods.

How much is the base for sales in b2c in Ukraine

Our Rockefeller service offers a high-quality information product for your enterprise, which will help you beat the competition and accelerate your development. If you use b2c cold calls in your business, then you just need a constant stream of new numbers in order to fulfill your plan for targeted applications and sales. The cost of leads depends on the specifics of the audience you need, the degree of its interest, the number of contacts and other important nuances that can affect the number of successful sales.

If you are interested in b2c clients whose price will be low, we recommend that you leave a request now on our website so that our managers will contact you soon and tell you about the possibilities of cooperation. The advantages of buying contacts from us are:

  • low cost, good for you;
  • opportunity to get service from experienced professionals;
  • doing a thorough background check on leads before actively using them;
  • promote your business with modern mobile marketing;
  • the ability to beat competitors and get a lot of applications from potential buyers.

Our service guarantees high quality services and leads, as well as their selection based on your individual request. We are constantly updating our databases with new relevant contacts from reliable sources. Before they are used, they are thoroughly tested, so you can be sure that you are purchasing a high-quality information product. The price range of such services depends very much on the specifics of your business, the required number of targeted applications, the number of leads acquired, the degree of people's interest in a particular product.

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