Where to buy a database of mobile phones in Ukraine

The Rockefeller Company is a professional recruiter of contact lists in  Ukraine according to your individual order.  Today, mobile marketing is a powerful tool for growing your business, which helps you to successfully outperform your competitors and build your niche of buyers with the help of our leads. 

If you want to buy a database of mobile numbers in Ukraine - we recommend that you visit our website and leave there is an appeal on it so that our managers will contact you as soon as possible and discuss the possibilities of cooperation. We offer the services of experienced professionals who will quickly select a database of contacts for you according to your individual request, taking into account your wishes.

Competition in every area of ​​business is rapidly increasing, so entrepreneurs have to find new ways to grow their business.  Since the client is the backbone of any business and all goals are aimed at getting as many clients and applications from them as possible, it is necessary to use tools that will bring you as many targeted applications as possible. That is why many large companies have already become our partners and have decided to buy a database of mobile phones.

Businesses and individuals have been successfully cooperating with us for many years in the field of selling and buying real estate, educational courses and technologies, gambling, betting, investing and banking services. We offer our partners a high-quality information product that has been thoroughly tested by our specialists. You can purchase a list of numbers for your business, as well as use our marketing services to promote your product. We use calling target customers, informational sms and mailing lists, targeted advertising and other ways to promote your company. From us you can buy a database of contacts of individuals who have previously been interested in similar services or have already left their applications for the purchase of a similar product. In order to learn more about the services provided and the possibilities of cooperation with us, leave your application on our website, and our managers will contact you as soon as possible. If you need professional selection of the target audience, you can contact our specialists and they will fulfill your request within a short period of time.

Buy a database of numbers for calling inexpensively in Ukraine

Constantly increasing competition and difficult conditions for small businesses in our country are forcing entrepreneurs to look for new ways to develop their business. Fortunately, the field of marketing is constantly evolving and creating new ways to attract customers for different types of activities. The decision to buy a database of phones will be a powerful resource for the development of your enterprise.

You don't have to call or send out to cold audiences, as we select contacts for our databases who have previously been interested in similar services or products, so you get a quality product that will 100 % will work for you. Cooperating with us you get the following benefits:

- professional selection of an audience for almost any interest;

- use available marketing methods to work with mobile numbers;

- maximum study of potential buyers to achieve high results;

- compliance with the law on personal data, which assumes the anonymity of each contact;

- confidentiality in working with partner companies;

- professional advice on any issue;

- the ability to select one or more marketing techniques for working with the audience. 

High-quality customer databases enable you to implement your business strategies, and also increases the company's rating, which will have a positive impact on future activities. The Rockefeller service offers cooperation to large companies and individual entrepreneurs in order to achieve the maximum result in the sales of their product.

In order to become our client, you need to follow a few simple steps:

  1. Leave a request on our website and wait for the manager's call.
  2. Decide on the specifics of your audience, their interests, buying behavior, and other information that may be useful for sales.
  3. Specify how many leads you want to acquire. 
  4. If you have preferences regarding the choice of marketing strategy for working with customers, you need to tell our specialists about it. For example, if you are only interested in calling potential customers, and not sending SMS, then we will work based on your requirements.

How much does it cost to buy a contact database from Rockefeller

We offer a quality information product that can completely change your idea of ​​how fast your business can grow. We are chosen by the best companies that strive to get as many potential buyers as possible. For this, database by phone number is often used. The price of such a service in Ukraine will depend on the following factors:

- specific audience;

- its amount;

- features of buying behavior;

- interest: we offer our clients work with “warm” and “hot” buyers who have previously left requests for similar products. 

If you are interested in database of phone numbers - prices from our company will be beneficial for you.  

If you decide to simply purchase a database for your own use, then the cost of this type of service will be cheaper than the complex marketing promotion of your enterprise by Rockefeller. In order to learn more about the possibilities of cooperation and the benefits of working with us, we invite you to leave a request on our website. 

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